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Customs warehouses Acee/OCW

Customs warehouses Acee/OCW

OCW are warehouses authorized by Federal Customs Administration and under customs control.
Within them, the importer can store foreign goods (also not of his own) with the huge advantage that the goods are kept in transit and, as a result, it can be stored without paying import taxes.
All submissions are first announced, subsequently checked and finally appropriately invented, all of which is strictly done in compliance with the provisions of the current regulations.

The other main benefits related to this procedure, which are of no secondary importance, are as follows:

- Suspension of customs duties indefinitely.
- Import taxes must therefore be paid only at the end of storage.
- Internal Customs: Goods must not be presented to any customs office but can be handled directly by us at the authorized place.
- Logistic functionality: as it is possible to dispose of the goods in a direct and immediate manner, with significant convenience in terms of storage and handling.

Please contact us to obtain further information regarding the conduct of the procedure.

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