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Carnet ATA

Carnet ATA


We handle ATA carnets, and we can also issue them on behalf of the customer.

What is an ATA carnet and what is it for?

The ATA Carnet is a customs document that allows you to temporarily import and dispose of a particular commodity in a country other than the country of origin and to reintroduce it in the country of departure.

Requesting an ATA carnet in the Chamber of Commerce allows you to have a global guarantee and not have to submit one at each customs clearance in the different countries.

The requirements for using the ATA carnet are as follows:

  • the country of destination of the goods accedes to the ATA carnet convention
  • type of goods: intended for exhibitions, professional materials, samples.
  • it must not be goods intended for repair or processing
  • the goods must be recognizable

Validity of the ATA carnet: 1 year.

Extension requests are allowed within one month of the expiration.

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